Realtors, Flippers, Landlords, Brokers or anyone with a Single Family (All Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Walworth & Ozaukee Counties)

Hello and Thank you for Looking at our Ad for a Single Family Home.

Let’s start out to let you know, this is a legitimate ad, we are real people, and this is not a scam of any sort. LOL

What we are looking for and where:
We are looking for either a Single-Family Rental, a Rent to Own, an Owner Financing (for 3 years), a Rent with an option to purchase (again after 3 years), or any other way for us to Obtain Owning a house.

We are Currently in the Franklin, WI area, we would love to stay in this area or surrounding areas, if not, we are open to any nice, safe area that is family friendly. We are open to Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, Racine County, Kenosha County, Walworth County, Ozaukee County or any part of the Northwest Suburbs of Illinois.

A little about us:
We are a Family of 3 Adults (a disabled wife of 20 years, a 32 year old son with down syndrome and a middle 50’s Painting Contractor). We do Not Drink, Do Drugs or Smoke. We are neat, reliable, clean and take care of where we live. We are handy with repairs and taking care of the property, which includes Lawn care, snow removal, any updates, Painting and more. We also have 1 service German Shepherd who is fully trained and insured. She is older and very well behaved.

Income: Wife is on SSDI and has been for over 15 years (which brings in about $1200.00 a month) She also is Paid to take care of our son (which brings in about $1850.00 per month) so my wife brings in about $3100.00 a month sometimes more. My son is also on SSDI (which brings in about $1300.00 a month). I the Father/Husband (brings in between $2500.00 to $5000.00 a month, it varies per job. Bringing a comfortable grand total of about $6900 to $9000 a month in total. *** A bonus but not necessary or a deal breaker, my wife and son also get Housing assistance (if you are open to guaranteed money from the state deposited into your account every month).

We have rented the same house with 2 acres in Franklin, WI for over 14 years now. The only reason we have to move now is because the owner is in his late 80’s and has health issues. We also carry Renters Insurance or any other insurance you would require.
Our Credit is good, our rental history is excellent, we pay all our bills on time every month or when due.

We are in a touch spot right now and need help asap with something. A 2 or 3 bedroom is great hopefully with more than 1 bathroom (if not it’s not a deal breaker).

I mentioned earlier that we could have the house paid off within 3 years, that will happen because we are waiting for an estate to close as well as other job opportunities that I can take if needed. Either way, you have nothing to lose, if it is not paid off in 3 years, you gain everything we have paid or done to the property and have lost nothing.

I am also willing to swap my services to realtors, brokers, flippers or anyone else that has a property they need Painted. Thanks for your time and help, please know that we are in a real crunch time.

We need help from the following: Realtors, Home owners, Brokers, Landlords, Property Management, Flippers, Estates, Financial help, private loans.

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