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Hello and Thank you for reading our ad.

My family is disabled (and no this is not a scam or out of the country ad lol :) )
We are Looking for an owner finance, rent to own or a 1-to-2-year rental that has the possibility for us to buy, within a 2-year period.

We have a little cash money down; we can afford about 1500.00 per month in Cash. Our credit is good in the 700's

Our rental history is perfect, we have been at the same house for 14 years in Franklin, WI. The reason for us moving, is our landlord is almost 90 and needs to sell. And we cannot afford to buy it because he is giving us only 2 months to come up with the money.

While living here ( a very nice house and property) My wife had rent assistance, which helped with a big portion of rent, our part ended up being about 1200 per month. We could either use rent assistance on a rental or can afford ourselves 1500 a month.

My wife is disabled since 2012 and my son is 32 and has down syndrome. I am a Painting contractor.

My wife brings in about 3000.00 a month, my son brings in about 1100.00 a month and I bring in between 2000 to 5000 a month, it varies.

Our bills are always paid on time, we have never been late with our rent/house payments or our car payments which are paid off now in full.

If a flipper or someone along those lines wants to use my services/Painting I am willing to barter them or use my services to help lower your flipping costs. I have been in business since 1996 and we do all kinds of professional painting on a high-end level.

We are looking for a 2- or 3-bedroom house, we have 2 service dogs, trained and very well behaved. We carry insurance on them and have renters' insurance as well.
We would like 2 bathrooms or at least 1 1/2. We are wanting to live in a nice, safe area, as I said we are from Franklin.
We need something ASAP
So if you can help or are or can be a private lender, please get back to us. I thank you for your help and time God Bless.

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