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Let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to look at my ad and I hope I can be your next accountant!

A little bit about me -

I am offering my services to handle your Accounting and Bookkeeping needs. I ran a small business with annual sales in excess of $5 million dollars for nearly 8 years and understand all the benefits and pitfalls small business owners face.

I personally handled all my bookkeeping needs and most of my accounting needs when I owned my own business, mostly by building my own spreadsheets in Excel using the information I needed to make decisions and measure the direction of my business.

I am not like accountants with big firms, I like working with small and micro businesses. Most of the time I am a one employee shop, so if you have just a handful of employees or none at all, I love serving that segment of the business population. That of course doesn't mean if you have 20 or 30 employees I wouldn't be interested in helping you, it is just I hear over and over from small and micro businesses that when they try to contact accountants they get no response or very limited interest because they are so small.

What services do I offer?

- Personal tax return preparation

- Accounting and bookkeeping

- QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks, Wave training

- Payroll

-Catchup work, back tax returns

- Small business and corporate tax return preparation

Does your QuickBooks file have a bunch of negative numbers, or does something just not make sense?

I can fix that.

Do you need help learning how to setup your QuickBooks file or training on how to use the software?

I can teach most people to have a working knowledge within a few hours.

I have Advanced Certification in QuickBooks, certification in QuickBooks Online (QBO), well versed in Sage, Xero, FreshBooks, and Wave Apps. I am a quick study in other accounting programs.

Do you have your receipts in a shoebox?

That's ok too.

I can make customized spreadsheets, so you can get the information you need, in the manner you need it to be in. Sometimes accounting software programs won't give you the report you need. I can help you generate that report with a few clicks of a mouse.

Have you ever had to pay late fees and penalties?

In a lot of cases, hiring us to prepare sales tax or payroll filings less expensive than one series of late fees. Never pay late fees and penalties again! If you got the information to us to file the taxes, we guarantee we pay the late fees if it is filed late.

Payroll - We have very competitive prices

Most times we can beat the price you are currently paying for payroll by at least 50%. Payroll and all employer taxes, required filings associated with payroll as well as deductions for retirement plans, garnishments, levies, insurance premiums, direct deposit, ect.

Want to do payroll yourself?

We even sell access to payroll software, you do it yourself and you will still most likely see huge savings. The payroll software we use is either QuickBooks or Intuit's online version.

Business Plans - Do you have one?

Build business plans for banks and investors, and most importantly, yourself. If you have never had a business plan, you need to. A business plan is just that, planning for the what-ifs of your business. We can do it all, do just the financials, or something in between.

Do you keep track of every dollar that comes into your business?

I can help setting up a system to deter theft by employees or vendors. If you don't keep track your vendors and employees might. Problems start small. Have you been, or do you suspect you have a problem? Let's get it solved!

My Pledge to all of my customers:

I will explain what I did and why in a way that you can understand that is not condescending. If you don't understand, I want you to ask questions.

I am not here to judge, I am here to help. I realize that being a business owner keeping books might not be top priority and get pushed aside, so I can go back and fix problems or even start from months or years back.

Often times, the hardest part is just admitting you have to get caught up, but usually it won't take nearly as much time as you think it will.

Most Importantly, analyze your financials, answer all of your questions, explain the financial health of your business.

Your business needs you, I am able to come to you. We have secure remote options as well.

I look forward to talking with you about your tax preparation and accounting needs and hope you give me the opportunity to help you.

Weekend, early morning, and evening appointments are available.

Payment plans available. Cash/Check/Credit Cards/Apple Pay/Samsung Pay

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