Record Collection 1930's and 1940's - $75 (Muskego)

Late 1930's and 1940's records. Varying condition. I tried to grade them as best I could. When you think about it, half of these records are approaching 100 years old, and the remainder are not that far behind. $75 for the entire lot of 162 records as listed below.

Label/ Songs Side A / Side B/ Artist/ Condition

Decca/ Blues In The Night / The End of the Rainbow/ Judy Garland/ Fair
Decca/ Amen / Deliver Me To Tennessee/ Woody Herman/ Fair
Decca/ Maybe You'll Be There / Dark Eyes/ Gordon Jenkins/ Good
Decca/ In The Hush Of The Night / My Sister And I / Jimmy Dorsey/ Good
Decca/ Herman At The Sherman / Jokin'/ Woody Herman/ Good
Dacca/ Gloria / I Want To Be The Only One/ Mills Brothers/ Excellent
Decca/ Chopin's Polonaise / Enlluro/ Carmen Cavallaro/ Good
Decca/ Daddy / Mobile Flag Stop/ Jonny Messner/ Poor
Decca/ Will You Be True To Me / I Wonder Where You Are Tonight/ Jimmy Wakely/ Fair
Decca/ 'Tis Autum / Cancel The Flowers/ Tony Martin/ Fair
Decca/ I'll Be Around / Baby Doll/ Mills Brothers/ Fair
Decca/ Too Late / Poor Little Rose/ Jimmy Wakely/ Fair
Decca/ There I Go / Beat Me Daddy, Eight To A Bar/ Woody Herman/ Fair
Decca/ Why Don't We Do This More Often / I Wish I Had A Dime/ Andrews Sisters/ Fair
Decca/ He's My Uncle / America, I Love You/ Dick Powell/ Good
Decca/ I Dream Of You / Magic Is The Moonlight/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Excellent
Decca/ They're Either Too Young Or Too Old / Star Eyes/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Fair
Decca/ Oh By Jingo! / Oh Johnny, Oh Jonny, Oh/ Henry Busse/ Fair
Decca/ Tangerine / Everything I Love/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Fair

Vocalion/ Oh Suzanna / Cuckoo Waltz/ John Wilfahrt/ Good
Vocalion/ Mr. Mickey Finn / Free Lunch/ Bee Gee Tavern Band/ Good
Vocalion/ It Seems Like Old Times / Start The Day Right/ Lawrence Welk/ Good
Vocalion/ If I Knew Then / Lilacs In The Rain/ Dick Jergens/ Fair
Vocalion/ Terrific / True Confession/ Sammy Kaye/ Fair
Decca/ One Meat Ball / Rum And Coca Cola/ Andrews Sisters/ Fair
Decca/ Friendly Tavern Polka / Jessie/ Milt Hearth/ Good
Decca/ Helena Polka / Grasshopper Polka Whoopee/ John Wilfahrt/ Fair
Decca/ Slow Poke / I Wanna Play House With You/ Roberta Lee/ Good
Decca/ I'll Be Back In A Year / Where The Mountains Meet The Moon/ Red Foley/ Fair
Decca/ Paper Valentine / The Urge/ Mills Brothers/ Fair
Decca/ Pennsylvania Polka / That's The Moon, My Son/ Andrews Sisters/ Fair
Decca/ So Tired / I Hear Music/ Russ Morgan/ Good
Decca/ This Is No Laughing Matter / I Said No/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Fair
Decca/ Rain Rain / Motor Boat Waltz/ Viking Accordian Band/ Poor
Decca/ I Met Her On Monday / Gobs Of Love/ Guy Lombardo/ Good
Decca/ There's A Brand New Picture In My Picture Frame / So Help Me/ Russ Morgan/ Good
Decca/ Sweetharts Or Strangers / I'll Keep On Loving You/ Connie Boswell/ Fair
Decca/ Cuban Cutie / Mambo Jambo/ Ethel Smith/ Fair
Decca/ You Leave Me Breathless / Says My Heart/ Jimmy Greer/ Fair
Decca/ Harbor Lights / Beyond The Reef/ Bing Crosby/ Good

Epic/ No More / Theresa/ De John Sisters/ Good
MGM/ Pigalle / Stars/ Johnny Desmond/ Fair
DeLuxe/ Somebody / Shame On You/ Air Lane Trio/ Fair
Coral/ Love Is A Many Splendored Thing / The Bible Tells Me So/ Don Cornell/ Good
Brunswick/ I Double Dare You / Bei Mir Bist Du Schon/ Russ Morgan Manner/ Good
VIT Accoustic/ September Song / Peggy O'Neil/ Jerry Murad/ Fair
Royale/ I Walk With Music / Irene/ Johnny Green/ Fair
Musiccraft/ Skater's Waltz / Viennese Waltz/ Pop's Orchestra/ Fair
London/ Turnabout Is Fair Play / Jealous Heart/ Al Morgan/ Good
London/ From The Time You Say Goodbye / Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart/ Verd Lynn/ Good
London/ Mother At Your Feet Is Kneeling / Immaculate Mother/ Bobby Wayne/ Good
Varsity/ Sweet Loraine / Beyond The Moon/ Toots Mondello/ Good
Varsity/ You've Got Me Out On A Line / How High The Moon/ Harry James/ Good
Varsity/ It's The Last Time I'll Fall In Love / Orchids For Rememberance/ Harry James/ Good
Varsity/ Hawaiian Paradise / I'm Falling In Love With A Dream/ Lang Thompson/ Fair
Majestic/ I'm Glad I Waited For You / Oh What It Seemed To Be/ George Paxton/ Good

Decca/ Sweet Leilani / Blue Hawaii/ Bing Crosby/ Excellent
Decca/ Good Night Wherever You Are / I'll Walk Alone/ Mary Martin/ Fair
Decca/ Blue Prelude / Blue Fantasy/ Clyde McCoy/ Poor
Decca/ The "Goona God" / When You're Smiling/ Clyde McCoy/ Poor
Decca/ My Buddy / I Only Want A Buddy Not A Sweetheart/ Bing Crosby/ Fair
Decca/ Vienna Life / Artists Life/ Carmen Cavallaro/ Good
Decca/ Missouri Waltz / Stayion At Home/ Erskine Butterfield/ Fair
Decca/ Shine On Harvest Moon / Among My Souvenirs/ Jan Garber/ Good
Decca/ Menphis Blues / S-H-I-N-E/ Guy Lombardo/ Good
Decca/ Sweet Dreams Sweet Heart / Moon On My Pillow/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Good
Decca/ Answer To You Are My Sunshine / $21 A Day - Once Per Month/ Dick Robertson/ Fair
Decca/ Heaven Can Wait / Sunrise Serenade/ Glen Gray/ Good
Decca/ Three O'Clock In The Morning / The Waltz You Saved For Me/ Dick Robertson/ Good
Decca/ Huckleberry Duck / Worried Mind/ Milt Hearth Trio/ Fair
Decca/ That Feeling In The Moonlight / Your Nobody Til Somebody Loves You/ Russ Morgan/ Good
Decca/ The One Rose / Sentimental And Melancholy/ Bing Crosby/ Good
Decca/ Just Plain Lonesome / Got The Moon In My Pocket/ Bing Crosby/ Fair
Decca/ The Answer To Nobody's Darling But Mine / When A Boy From The Mountains/ Jimmie Davis/ Good

Decca/ Popocatapetl / Dreamsville Ohio/ Guy Lombardo/ Good
Decca/ Tonight / Fools Rush In/ Tony Martin/ Good
Decca/ Cathedral In the Pines / There's A Village In The Valley/ George Olsen/ Good
Decca/ Princess Poo "Poo" Ly Has Plenty Papaya / A New Hawaiian Love Song/ Harry Owens/ Fair
Decca/ How Can It Be Told / It's The Dreamer In Me/ Bing Crosby/ Excellent
Decca/ Amapola / Donna Maria/ Jimmy Dorsey/ Fair
Decca/ Jalcusie / Jamacian Rumba/ Philharmonic Orchestra Of L.A/. Good
RCA/ Sweet Violets / If You Turn Me Down/ Dinah Shore/ Excellent
RCA/ Don't Stay Away Too Long / Song Of The Dreamer/ Eddie Fisher/ Excellent
RCA/ There's No Tomorrow / A Thousand Violins/ Tony Martin/ Excellent
RCA/ Old Soldiers Never Die / Love And Devotion/ Vaughn Monroe/ Fair
RCA/ My Young And Foolish Heart / Moonlight Serenade/ Glenn Miller/ Good
RCA/ Black Beauty / The Selfish Giant / The Emporea / The Nightingale / Schnappise & The Magic Button/
Marla Ray/ Excellent
RCA/ Home For The Holidays / Silk Stockings/ Perry Como/ Good
RCA/ Fun On A Rainy Day With Little Johnny Everything Part 1 / Part 2/ Various/ Fair
RCA/ Dear Arabella / Orange Blossom Lane/ Glenn Miller/ Good
RCA/ All Through The Day / Prisoner Of Love/ Perry Como/ Good
RCA/ When I Write My Song / Don't You Love Me Anymore/ Freddy Martin/ Good
RCA/ My Heart Is A Hobo / As Long As I'm Dreaming/ Tex Beneke/ Excellent
RCA/ Vieni Su / Blue For A Boy - Pink For A Girl/ Vaughn Monroe/ Excellent
RCA/ The Old Devil Moon / If This Isn't Love/ Charles Spivak/ Good

RCA/ Santa Catalina / Say So/ Freddie Martin/ Excellent
RCA/ I Love You / Long Ago/ Perry Como/ Good
RCA/ The Last Call For Love / Poor You/ Tommy Dorsey/ Good
RCA/ Day Dreaning / A String Of Pearls/ Glenn Miller/ Good
RCA/ Let's Have Fun Tonight / Good Dip/ Erskine Hawkins/ Fair
RCA/ The Study Of A Starry Night / Skylark/ Glenn Miller/ Fair
RCA/ The Legend Of Tiabi / Cool Water/ Vaughn Monroe/ Good
RCA/ It Started All Over Again / Mandy Make Up Your Mind/ Tommy Dorsey/ Good
RCA/ Tonight We Love / Carmen Caemela/ Freddie Martin/ Good
RCA/ There Will Nevr Be Another You / Lets Bring New Glory To Old Glory/ Sammy Kaye/ Good
RCA/ Daybreak - Vocadance / Kille Kille - Vocadance/ King Sisters/ Excellent
RCA/ I'm A Big Girl Now / Put Your Little Foot Right Out - Varsoviana/ Sammy Kaye/ Fair
RCA/ Wasn't It You / Minka/ Sammy Kaye/ Fair
RCA/ Clink, Clink, Another Drink / Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag/ Spike Jones/ Good
RCA/ The Bells Of St. Marys / You Can Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder/ Charlie Spivak/ Fair
Okeh/ The Things I Love / Little Man With A Candy Cigar/ Howard Du Lany/ Good
Okeh/ Let Me Off Uptown / Flaningo/ Gene Kaupa/ Good
Okeh/ Always In My Heart / One Dozen Roses/ Dick Jurgens/ Fair
Okeh/ Sleepy Lagoon / Sing Me A Song Of Ther Islands/ Tommy Tucker/ Good
Okeh/ Below The Equator / Thumbs Up/ Frankie Masters/ Fair
Okeh/ Ma Ma Maria / Moonlight Masquerade/ Dick Jurgens/ Good

Okeh/ Maria Elena / Daddy's Lulaby/ Lawrence Welk/ Good
Signature/ Medowland / Limehouse Blues/ Ray Bloch/ Fair
Signature/ Old Devil Moon / Another Night Like This/ Larry Douglas/ Fair
Signature/ Meadowland / Limehouse Blues/ Ray Bloch/ Fair
Columbia/ Daddy-O / Buttons And Bows/ Dinah Shore/ Good
Columbia/ At The Balalaika / Drifting And Dreaming/ Orrin Tucker/ Good
Columbia/ En Starcek Je Zivel / Sijaj Solncice/ Kvartet Jadran/ Fair
Columbia/ Made For Each Other / Rhumda Fantasy/ Xavier Cugat/ Fair
Columbia/ Half As Much / Poor Whip Poor Will/ Rosemary Clooney/ Good
Columbia/ Roses In The Rain / You Are There/ Frankie Carle/ Good
Columbia/ A Dreamer's Holiday / Envy/ Buddy Clark/ Good
Columbia/ Luna Waltz / Kiss Me Again Waltz/ Columbia Dance Orchestra/ Poor
Columbia/ My Guy's Come Back / Symphony/ Benny Goodman/ Excellent
Columbia/ Prince Charming / Velvet Moon/ Harry James/ Good
Columbia/ How Do I Know It's Real / Who Wouldn't Love You/ Kay Kyser/ Excellent
Columbia/ Sunday Morning Or Always / If You Please/ Frank Sinatra/ Good
Columbia/ It's Majic / Put 'Em In A Box, Tie 'Em With A Ribbon/ Doris Day/ Excellent
Columbia/ Coffee Time / Angel/ Kay Kyser/ Excellent
Columbia/ Nevertheless / Beloved, Be Faithful/ Paul Weston/ Good
Columbia/ You're In Love With Someone Else / He's My Guy/ Harry James/ Good
Columbia/ While My Lady Sleeps / By The Light Of The Silv'ry Moon/ Ray Noble/ Fair
Columbia/ The Shrine Of Saint Cecilia / I Don't Want To Walk Without You/ Kate Smith/ Fair
Columbia/ Do Something / She Don't Wanna/ Orrin Tucker/ Fair
Columbia/ Too Beautiful To Last / You Stepped Out Of A Dream/ Kay Kyser/ Poor
Columbia/ If I Cared A Little Bit Less / That Old Black Majic/ Horace Heidt/ Good
Columbia/ On The Isle Of May / Playmates/ Kay Kyser/ Good

Columbia/ Come To Baby, Do! / You Won't Be Satisfied/ Les Brown/ Fair
Columbia/ Loretta / Deep In The Heart Of Texas/ Horace Heidt/ Fair
Capitol/ My Happiness / Highway To Love/ The Pied Pipers/ Good
Capitol/ The Best Man / For Sensational Reasons/ King Cole Trio/ Excellent
Capitol/ If I Were You / It Only Happens When I Dance With You/ Andy Russell/ Fair
Capitol/ Portrait Of Jenny / An Old Piano Plays The Blues/ King Cole Trio/ Good
Bluebird/ I Know Why / Chattanooga Choo Choo/ Glenn Miller/ Poor
Bluebird/ Why Don't We Do This More Often / Piano Concerto In B Flat/ Freddy Martin/ Fair
Bluebird/ Hotcha Corina / The Wild Wild Women/ Spike Jones/ Poor
Bluebird/ By The Light Of The Silvery Moon / Swing Out To Victory/ Fats Waller/ Good
Bluebird/ He Wears A Pair Of Silver Wings / Amen/ Abe Lyman/ Fair
Masterpiece/ None But The Lonely Heart / Hungarian Dance No. 6/ Salon Orchestra/ Fair
Mercury/ To Each His Own / I'll See You In My Dreams/ Tony Martin/ Fair
Mercury/ An Old Sombrero / Teresa/ Vic Damone/ Good
Mercury/ To Each His Own / The Rickety Ricksaw Man / My Blue Heaven/ Eddy Howard/ Excellent
Lassus Trombone / Missouri Waltz / Till We Meet Again/
Paradise / What'll I Do/
Mercury/ Give Me Something To Dream About / You'll Always Be The One I Love/ Harry Cool/ Good
Mercury/ Roses / Cross Your Heart/ Eddy Howard/ Good
Mercury/ Daddy's Little Boy / They Put The Lights Out/ Eddy Howard/ Good
RCA Victor/ Ravel Bolero Part 2 A & B/ Boston Pops/ Excellent
Columbia/ Ave Maria (Schubert) / Ave Maria (Bach)/ Andre Kostelanetz/ Excellent

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