you fix my motorcycle i give you stuff

location greendale
i have a 1972 suzuki t500 titan that i need some parts swapped out on it and then some things fixed on the engine side
i am not looking for a restoration--i just want to get it running and complete
you don't have to be able to do all of that if you could do part of it i would be ok with that
this is the 1st step that i would like to have accomplished..
i think i have all the parts ready to go

1.. the 4 turn signals swapped out
2.. the 2 front foot pegs and the 2 rear foot pegs replaced
3.. the instrument cluster swapped out with a new odometer speedometer and tachometer in bracket
4.. i have a new accelerator and cable and clutch lever and cable and brake lever and cable i would like to replace and swap out
5.. possibly swapping out the headlights
6.. working up the battery
7.. change the smart plugs
a.. inspect a motorcycle and see if there's any parts i need

those are the 1st basic steps i need to get the bike cosmetically put together

the next step is more entailed..
1.. cleaning out the gas tank and the oil tank
2.. cleaning and rebuilding the carburetors which i have the kits for
3.. clear the air filter whatever else needs to be done
4.. getting the motorcycle running

i want to get this motorcycle running so i can sell it.. i really don't wanna stick any money into it i want to trade or barter collectibles and things i have
although i might be able to throw in some money

things i can trade--i have lots of collectibles including many hollywood and celebrity autographs and political autographs and music autographs add sports autographs.. some civil war documents..
i have team autographed milwaukee brewer balls and milwaukee brave balls i also have multi side hall of fame baseballs by 10 or 15 or 20 different players
i do have a couple things that i cannot list-- pro--tection?
i have a bunch of vintage 1960s movie hollywood posters
i have vintage electronics like turntables cassette dual deck, amplified speakers, boombox with tv cassette am/fm, rare bone fone radio, vintage electronics and voice activated telephones, 80 year-old advertising tins, mystery&suspense dvd collection, hollywood movie books, i have trading cards from 1991 desert storm and nascar trading cards and guinness book of world record trading cards..
i have signed and numbered limited edition comic books superhero type
i have some vintage trading cards that include mickey mantle and ted williams and hank aaron--among others
i have hunting accessories, camping accessories, 2 way walkie talkie radios, obscure comic book runs, acdc power supply, and many other things they won't allow me to post here
i have a bunch of autographed biography books by charlton heston and leonard nimoy & emma thompson & mary tyler moore & joan rivers & mike ditka & randall cunningham & captain kangaroo
i have concert movie programs
i have brand new backpacks and laptop bags
that's just a few things
if you are interested in helping me out and doing some of the tasks involved please let me know

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