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Arrow Hyundai (Greenfield)

Crash on 19th & Olive! (Pookieland)

Slumlord Alert (S.S. Milw.) pic

Re: Alderman Michael May (West Allis) (West Allis)

Re:women are shallow (nunya)

Women are shallow (Milwaukee)

Breakfast this morning...

Alderman Michael May (West Allis)

RE: Pookie Be Dead (Car Thief Land)

Anti Bush post

It's the constant whining and complaining. (rants & raves)

Re: Is she a Tease? (Reality)

Navy surrender ?

Re: Walmart closing

Re: way to go packers. (chicago) pic

re: Trump (mke)

re dave

Re: Packers vs Cardinals from G.B. fan (Cards fan here) pic

re re walmart closing

Re: Marathon Man


RE US Navy Surrender Monkeys (Merika)

RE US Navy Surrender Monkeys (Merika)

Re: (all those meaningless Xs)

That's all I want...

Marathon Man

Dog killer

RE: Vehicle question (usa)

RE re idle solenoid and the ASE patch

SGM new to Town. (MKE)

re idle solenoid and the ASE patch

Idle solenoid, yep pic

A Mechanic Weighs In (Bunch of backyard Pollacks)


Apartment neighbor complaining about smell in hallway

Re: electrical continuity? (€)

re: post office

Vehicle, last

electrical continuity?

Re: Alternator? Ah, nope! (€) pic

Re: Alternator? Ah, nope!

Alternator? Ah, nope!

RE: Vehicle problem ($$)

RE: Vehicle question

RE: Fox 6 ($$)

Re: re: Vehicle Question (€)

Another good speech last night by the Bamster

rererere vehicle

re Mayor Dumbo(Barrett) pic

Re re vehicle


Fox 6 Wake Up! (Milwaukee)

Pan-handling at - 5 (Milwaukee)

Car question

Re: Vehicle question (€)


Vehicle question

Re:Muslim woman kicked out of Trump rally JUST FOR BEING THERE pic


Congrats Packers and fans, well done. (Washington D.C.)

Re: Here Kitty, Kitty

re killing cats

re4 re 3 re cats whatever

Saving The Mouser (Your Basement) pic

The worst part about cats...

re re re3 Kitty

re3 here kitty

Re: re here kitty

re here kitty

Here Kitty, Kitty

Vern Dahl, Local Slumlord (Milwaukee) pic

my approach anxiety

44 flyer?

44 flyer

44 FLYER - As WEIRD as it gets!!!

Landlord bullshit

Person (not Moran) @ Goodwill (Waukesha)

Unfair Treatment in the Western USA (West Allis)

Best speech

RE,RE: (Ex Bf &Left lane, loud pipes)

Hit and Run after the Packer / Dallas game (Brookfield)

RE:RE:RE: drowning

re re drownings

RE: Drownings

To All The CL "Women" and their "Verify" Sites" pic

How much do you want to bet......

re: atheist / agnostic

Re: Asshole Boyfriend pic

Asshole Boyfriend

Foolish Atheists

re: Faith Challenge Accepted

re: restaurant banned cc (Bluemound)

Re: end of faith pic

re; post office (TOO FUNNY !) pic

re: post office

re: left lane, "new rules" pic

Re end of faith

Re: end of faith

Dear God....

Awww, poor lil' A.J.

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