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Sep 23 Republican Grinch: Thought up a lie, thought it up quick (walkersindoodoo)

Sep 23 Republican posters double standard on exporting jobs (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Best Republican Jokes besides Walker and Bush (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Walker to Followers: Want some orange juice with that? (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Do you want to hear a republican joke? Walker (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 republican multiposter comes last minute to trash talk dems (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Republican multiposters come out after dark. Jusl like cockroaches (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Scott Walker said he knows which side his CAVIAR is buttered on (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 LOL!!!LOL!!!LOL!!!

Sep 23 The Truth Behind The Attack Ads against Susan Happ (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 There are no innocent civilians with ISIL. ISIL killed them all (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 If Walker were way ahead Attack ads wouldn't be necessary (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Presidential Quiz for republicans who have memory Loss (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Walker can't be found not guilty if never put on trial or exonerated (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Walker should be fired. If he were an NFL coach who came in 37th. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Walker followers attack Burke yet give a pass to all other businesses (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Walker's cut and paste follower stealing text and calling his own (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 I vote John Doe #2 is Scott Walker (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Facts..... (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Republican war hawk strategy for Mid East and Syria (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Walker outed in 2010. Planned to divide and conquer (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 The Minimum Wage Myth (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Apple Computer's CEO talks about the real threat of Climate Change (HolyShite) pic

Sep 23 1000's of Civilian Deaths last night. (Syria) pic map

Sep 23 The terrible smell in Milwaukee today? Walker must have been in Town (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Scott Walker new ads about to air (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 For Sale: Governor's Office. Contact Scott Walker (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Scott Walker and the Republicans Greatest Hits (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Rick Perry protecting our southern border from unarmed children (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Republican Hypocrisy: Praising the rich while trashing Mary Burke (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Republicans in their own words (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Friend became a conservative. Had a lobotomy to remore reasoning (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Alert: State Mental Hospital confirms republican escape... again (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Job Growth is Greatest when Democrats are in Charge (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 If Mary Burke were a republican, then her wealth wouldn't be an issue (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Politifact Checks Walker and found he lies most of the time (milwaukee) map

Sep 23 Scott Walker's criminal past exposed (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Why conservatives hate President Obama (milwaukee) pic

Sep 23 Republican hypocrisy: Love R Johnson, McCain, Romney rich. Hate Burke (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Where republicans waste trillions of tax payer dollars (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Being Republican means NEVER Having to Say You're SORRY (milwaukee)

Sep 23 Re Twin cities talk

Sep 23 Twin cities talk....... (Minnesota)

Sep 22 Why I will vote for Walker and any republican politician (milwaukee)

Sep 22 Ronald Reagan increased your tax rate and gave big cuts to the rich (milwaukee)

Sep 22 The War Generals on Nat. Geographic Channel is worth watching (Generals Blame Bush) pic

Sep 22 Walker hiring new state Attorneys: Dewey Cheatim & Howe (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 Scott Walker's broken promises (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 Lies and damn lies by republican posters (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 The LIBTARDED over poster

Sep 22 Imperative that Democrats work to register and get voters to the Polls map

Sep 22 Re Trash talk

Sep 22 BURKEWHORES latest

Sep 22 My vote is for Burke

Sep 22 Re Scott Walkers friends ship millions of jobs to China pic

Sep 22 Walker's going to stop in Wisconsin on his worldwind fund raising tour (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 Unemployed republicans trash talk dems and immigrants (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 I vote republican because I'm unable to read or think clearly (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 Walker is a great governor... if you don't count corruption, jobs, etc (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 The Key to Winning in Nov. Mobilize and register new voters (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 Scott Walker's friends have shipped millions of jobs to China (milwaukee)

Sep 22 Walker's Top Ten Reasons for Poor Jobs Record (milwaukee) pic

Sep 22 RE:Cop gets sentenced 9 years in federal prison

Sep 22 Is Scott Walker A Corporate Cum Dumpster? (Wississippi) map

Sep 22 Republicans = Lowest lifeform on the planet (Earth)

Sep 22 RE:made in ????


Sep 22 Times Up!!! (USA Sep 2014) map

Sep 22 Judge Randa's assistant is married to Walker's lawyer (stink bomb central)

Sep 22 Ray Rice

Sep 22 I support communism!!!! map

Sep 22 Scamming the Government map

Sep 22 RE:Disappearing liberals?

Sep 21 Politicians Are Destroying America While Lining Own Pockets

Sep 21 RE: Re: RE Walker is in touch with modern ideas (Milwaukee) pic

Sep 21 Re: RE Walker is in touch with modern ideas (Milwaukee)

Sep 21 RE Walker is in touch with modern ideas pic

Sep 21 Fence jumping

Sep 21 yessir we do map

Sep 21 Re: FACT: Mary Burke will not reverse concealed carry (Milwaukee)

Sep 21 Re: Can't vote for Walker again (too many problems with his story) (Milwaukee)

Sep 21 Re: Archer and Suder: "I got a job" (Walker's new ad) (Milwaukee)

Sep 21 Walker is in touch with modern ideas (saving the state $$$$$)

Sep 21 Re: Walker follows KOCH BROTHER'S SCRIPT (copy cat) (Milwaukee)

Sep 21 Burke lost her run at Gov. with all of her lies (Milwaukee) map

Sep 20 FACT: Mary Burke will not reverse concealed carry (uniposter needs to take his meds)


Sep 20 Cindy Archer ran secret internet gets gifted job (Walker is crooked)


Sep 20 Judge Randa's assistant is married to Walker's lawyer pic

Sep 20 I cant vote for Burke anymore, too shady. (Eastside)

Sep 19 Re: America needs a Dr. (America 56) map

Sep 19 Posting of Anti Mary Burke comments will be deleted! (Milwaukee) pic map


Sep 19 re: Can't vote for Walker again (Milwaukee) map


Sep 19 Like I said yesterday pic

Sep 19 Sometimes abortion pic

Sep 19 Re Now Mary Burke thinks she's Reagan

Sep 19 ISIS/ISIL is a threat?

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