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Trumps a self serving , imature, coward of boy

reRE; Makes sense (USA)

Bernie Sanders map

Rush Limbaughcile blames President Obama for the rise of Donald Trump (LOL!!!) map

RE; Makes sense (USA) map

Re re makes sense

RE: Makes Sense (No, it doesn't) map

re:Makes Sense (USA)

The Biggest Threat To America Is map

Makes Sense (USA) map

Re: finaly bold reform

Re bold reform

Re: Finally bold reform

Want To Stop Carjacking map

ernie,kilary,bruse,tush or bump-politicians in general (dumocrat and stupublician) map

Big bold reform.

water problem (flint) map

Repubtards took over flint

RE: Republican Coward Genius

Wisconsin to Iowa, Caravan to the Caucus for Bernie Sanders (Milwaukee) pic

Palin pic map

RE; Liberal (USA) map

Re republican cowards and loosers map

RE: Republican Coward Genius

How Low Can The Democrat Party Go

Republicans: cowards and sell outs

Now Sarah Palin is blaming Obama for her defeat in 2008 map

Goofy Sarah Palin's re-emergence... map

Republicans are easily controlled! map

I was finally proven wrong by ASSHAT

What's nutty about Palins comments?

re3 republicans and liberal cowards map

RE: RE; Repubs (USA) map

What is the problem? (USA) map

STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!! (USA) map

I think President Obama may be the father of Bristol Palin's 2nd kid map

RE: RE: Republicans Cowards and followers

Libs (USA) pic map

And the Donald agrees: Obama responsible for Track Palin's arrest map

Palin pic map

Re republicans cowards and followers map

RE:Republicans Cowards And Followers???

Republicans: cowards and followers

OMG! Loony Sarah blame President Obama for her son's arrest! map

re:Re:Wisconsin to Iowa, Caravan to the Caucus for Bernie Sanders

Loony Toon Tonguer Palin Chided McCain map

Loony Sarah Palin's son charged with domestic violence (never a dull moment for the Palins) map

RE: Anti Evangelical

Re anti evangelicalist (Epic BITCHSLAP) map

Loony Sarah Palin endorses Trump for President (Doesn't surprize me a bit) map

Silly Negroes!!!

I went to map

Re: Slappy (USA) map

re question for Slappy map

Question for Slappy map

So "God created man and living creatures 6,000 or so years ago"? (Is that right Slappy?) map

Re: Laser Focus map

Laser focus?

re pasty old white guy map

Look at the Pastey old white guy pic

Republican's "laser focus" on jobs map

36% approval is embarrassing (Walkerville)

Re can anyone with a brain answer this pic

RE: You Don't Remember Original Poster Pussy

re you don't remember map

You don't remember...... pic

I remember Vic long ago too.

re I remember pro vic map

I remember pro-vic back in 2009 or 2010... map

Re Big Downer map

Presidential description (USA) map

Big Downer On The Stocky (My 401k) map

RE: re: Wal-Mart Repercussions (USA) map

Re: stock market is tanking map

re: Wal-Mart Repercussions (USA)

stock market is tanking map

Wal-Mart Repercussions (USA)

re how to vote for president map


Repups map

How to vote for President! map

re hey tritard (Villard Ave) map

Re3: Pro pic

RE: This Man Received Life Sentence

re re Pro (Villard Ave) map

RE: Pro pic

Yo! Pro Pedophile pic map

How about the pic

Did you catch Obama's

Hey pro-vic, this article's for you (The real story of the Iran/Navy incident) map

Make America Great Again!! map

A THANK YOU gift for Iran pic

ENOUGH !!! pic

RE RE: Breaking news pic


36% approval. ...is that all? (Walkerville)

at 36% approval rating he wants me to pay what? (TOSA)

I like Walker, leave me alone (new berlin) map

Walker's approval is at 36% (Wisconsin)

I'm glad to see Don Trump ahead in the polls... (...and I hope he wins the nomination...) map

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