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Mon 25 Aug

Aug 25 Mary Burke is leading Scott Walker. Desperate Walker on the attack. (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Walker's billionaire donors attempting to buy the election (VoteBurke) map

Aug 25 Republicans desperate to win in November. Vote to have a voice (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Low information voters who say all politicians are alike are lazy (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Go backward with republican policies or forward with democrats (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Name calling republicans can't handle the truth (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Why are republicans of today so much worse than republicans of the 80s (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 The IQ of the average republican is that of a chicken (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 Walker is not innocent of illegal campaigning. (ThinkNixonJr) map

Aug 25 Fake racist rant by republican pretending to be an Asian Funny (milwaukee) map

Aug 25 What republicans say versus what they mean (milwaukee) pic map

Sun 24 Aug

Aug 24 Drug Costs need to be controlled (milwaukee) map

Aug 24 RE: pro-vic (STUPIDVILLE) pic map

Aug 24 Good news from The Dept of Education on Friday!!! (Wisconsin) map

Aug 24 re:I HATE SCOTT WALKER!!!! (Shorewood) map

Aug 24 To the Democrat Racist on this site. (Wisconsin) map

Aug 24 double standard trash talking Burke while praising repub 1% (Lyingrepublicans) map

Aug 24 It's easy to tell when republicans are lying. Their lips are moving (milwaukee) map

Aug 24 Burke is more qualified than Ron Johnson who ran in 2010 (milwaukee) map

Aug 24 Walker is slipping in the polls (milwaukee) pic map

Aug 24 Walker's History of illegal campaigning well known to investigators (milwaukee) map

Aug 24 Today is GOP/Tea Party Hypocrisy Day (LOONYVILLE) pic map

Aug 24 Race baiting republican poster (milwaukee) pic map

Aug 24 re:Sen. Harry Reid (D) slams racist slurs at Asians!! (Wisconsin) map

Aug 24 Research Proves Democrats create more jobs than republicants (milwaukee) map

Aug 24 Re I had know idea pic map

Aug 24 Re I had know idea

Aug 24 Democrats apologize for offensive remarks, republicans defend theirs (milwaukee)

Aug 24 Sen. Harry Reid (D) slams racist slurs at Asians!! (WTFville) map

Aug 24 re:The National Debt grows fastest under republican Presidents (Milwaukee) map

Sat 23 Aug

Aug 23 Voters to Walker: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 We Stand Behind Walker... Leaving Office (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 how's that map

Aug 23 RE: Bush the Big Screw up and Screw off (LOONYTUNES) pic map

Aug 23 RE: As if we didn't know this from day one (LOONYTUNES) pic map

Aug 23 There is no debate on Climate Change Among Scientists, only deniers (milwaukee) pic map

Aug 23 For the not to bright on immigration (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 Poverty and Foreign Violence driving illegal Immigration (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 Why republicans want to keep workers Poor and in debt (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 Senate Republicans Block Minimum Wage Bill (milwaukee) map

Aug 23 looks like map

Aug 23 re Scott Walker map

Aug 23 re re looks like map

Aug 23 Re looks like (BAITSHOPVILLE) pic

Aug 23 Scott Walker pic

Aug 23 RE: The mess in Iraq is all due to (OBAMA) pic map

Aug 23 RE: Republicans still want to blame Obama (BLAMEOBAMAVILLLE) pic map

Aug 23 RE: Confused republican can't get facts straight (LOONYVILLE) pic map

Fri 22 Aug

Aug 22 The mess in Iraq is all due to Bush's blunders (milwaukee) map

Aug 22 how are things in Iraq? map

Aug 22 re confused republicans map

Aug 22 I heard this on the golf course! (Milwaukee) map

Aug 22 Waiting for Armaggedon (milwaukee) map

Aug 22 RE: Why conservatives Hate Obama pic map

Aug 22 re democrats don't hate the rich map

Aug 22 Why conservatives Hate Obama So Much (milwaukee) map

Aug 22 Why are republicans giving millions of jobs to foreign workers??? (milwaukee) map

Aug 22 All Americans strive to be in the 1% wealth class (milwaukee) map

Aug 22 Re: double standard trash talking Burke while praising repub 1% (No No No) map

Thu 21 Aug

Aug 21 Obama sending boots on the ground to Iraq! (Really) map

Aug 21 Walker is slipping in the polls and his followers are panicked (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 re: Motive: Destroy the files of evidence 9/11 (UFOvilee)

Aug 21 Mary Burke shipped 18 more jobs to China tonight!!!!!! (Waterloo)

Aug 21 Re your right wing brother inlaw

Aug 21 Paul Ryan's greatest lies (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 So if Burke is an evil person, what does that make Diane Hendricks? (milwaukee) map


Aug 21 America: Home of the Brave, Land of the Delusional republicans (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 The Smear Campaign against Mary Burke Continues (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 What do you call a bus load of tea party republicans going off a cliff (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 Mary Burke (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 Say Walker. Where are the 250,000 new jobs promised by 2014????? (milwaukee) map

Aug 21 Mainstream Media map

Aug 21 re the one and only truth map

Aug 21 The Mayors Picnic at the Zoo-Come see Mary Burke (Milwaukee) map

Aug 21 re:Starting a New Business!!! (Milwaukee) map

Aug 21 re times up map

Aug 21 Starting a New Business!!! (Inspired by Scott Walker) map

Aug 21 Scamming the Government map

Aug 21 re:wow, the uni poster wants to smear Burke again (Madison) pic map

Aug 21 The One and Only Truth map

Aug 21 RE: Re Bush let 3,000, 10,000 map

Aug 21 Most Balanced Name in News? map

Aug 21 Times Up!!! (USA Feb 2014) map

Aug 21 Odumbo considering boots back on the ground (Iraq) map

Aug 21 Walker's roadbuilders ripping off taxpayers (Walker looks the other way...WHY?) pic

Aug 21 ISIS Terrorists Post a Selfie with Republican SenJohn McCain pic

Aug 21 Re Bush let 3,000, 10,000 pic

Aug 21 walker cleared of JOHN DOES just like O.J. was (USA) pic

Wed 20 Aug

Aug 20 Re Walker come clean about Cindy Archer pic

Aug 20 Hey Walker, come clean about CINDY ARCHER (crook!)

Aug 20 not guilty (Glendale) map

Aug 20 re Walker and OJ map

Aug 20 Walker and O.J. both found not guilty (Wisconsin)

Aug 20 Raffle prizes for online survey on politics & religion (online)

Aug 20 re Walker slipping in the polls map

Aug 20 Bush let 3,000 die on 911 and 10,000 soldiers dead since (milwaukee) map

Aug 20 People who Love Walker Refuse to face FACTS (milwaukee) map


Aug 20 I'm Scott Suder and I got a job (under the table Walker)

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