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posted wed sep 17

Sep 17 For the dimwitted. Ebola pandamic could kill millions in the US (milwaukee)

Sep 17 Bush wanted Mid East peace... a piece of Saddam, the Taliban, Iran... (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Bush Invaded Iraq, destabilized the region. Blood is on his hands (republicanwars) pic

Sep 17 Time wounds all Heels and Scott Walker. No Hero, just a heel (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Why republicans will vote for anyone, no matter how radical. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Republican poster soon to be charged with gross stupidity (milwaukee)

Sep 17 Walker should be fired. If he were an NFL coach who came in 37th. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Racist republican on a rant in Craigslist (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Americans can easily stop outsourcing jobs to China (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Walker slipping in latest poll. Burke is gaining and Walker sinking (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 The national debt grew by 320% under Reagan and Bush presidents (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Who is the Republican Party of Today??? (milwaukee) pic

Sep 17 Presidential Quiz for republicans who have memory Loss (milwaukee)

Sep 17 The 911 Commission found the Bush White House negligent (milwaukee)

Sep 17 The answer to the ISIS problem (DOITVILLE) pic

Sep 17 Obama: 3,000 boys to AFRICA??? (LOONYTUNES) pic

posted tue sep 16

Sep 16 WHY liberals are EVIL (ANEXAMPLEVILLE) pic

Sep 16 RE: Scott Walker's Dark Money can't be traced

Sep 16 Adrian Peterson & Ray Rice are black. That doesn't make them democrat (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Confirmed. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 The republican party of today Lincoln would be ashamed (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Walker to donors. You pay or you don't play (walkerdonor)

Sep 16 Republicans really do think weird stuff (republicandonor)

Sep 16 Who republicans thought they voted governor versus who they really got (republicansstink) pic

Sep 16 Scott Walker Got me a job after I gave his campaign a donation (mybuddywalker)

Sep 16 Scott Walker's criminal past exposed (milwaukee)

Sep 16 If Mary Burke were a republican, then her wealth wouldn't be an issue (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Republican hypocrisy: Love R Johnson, McCain, Romney rich. Hate Burke (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Where republicans waste trillions of tax payer dollars (milwaukee)

Sep 16 The worst attack on Scott Walker I've ever seen (Help us reelect Governor Scott Walker!) pic

Sep 16 Re: RIGHT ON image 1 (Wisc Dells)

Sep 16 re:Susan Happ must be a real threat. The attacks against her increased (Jefferson) map

Sep 16 More demmie whining map

Sep 16 Scott Walker Is Taking Away YOUR RIGHT To VOTE (Vote Walker OUT) map

Sep 16 Susan Happ must be a real threat. The attacks against her increased (milwaukee)

Sep 16 RIGHT ON pic

Sep 16 Adrian Peterson & Ray Rice to join Scott Walker campaign (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Scott Walker's Dark Money can't be traced. Could be from anyone (milwaukee) pic


Sep 16 Republicans overconfidence in Election Results (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Republicans will win big in 2014 just like they did in 2012 OOPS!! (milwaukee)

Sep 16 It's easy to tell when republicans are lying. Their lips are moving (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Racism in America has grown since Obama became President (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Obama will be remembered as one of the better presidents unlike Bush (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Hate filled republican posters were unloved as Children (milwaukee)

Sep 16 How republicans win votes (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Walker is not innocent of illegal campaigning. (ThinkNixonJr)

Sep 16 double standard trash talking Burke while praising repub 1% (Lyingrepublicans)

Sep 16 The IQ of the average republican is that of a chicken (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 All 50 states lost jobs during recession, not Just Wisconsin (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Scott Walker is working hard to prevent an investigation to clear him (WHY if he's not Guilty) pic

Sep 16 The Constitution guarantees EVERY CITIZEN THE RIGHT TO VOTE (Except in Republican States) pic

Sep 16 Low information voters who say all politicians are alike are lazy (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Mary Burke is leading Scott Walker. Desperate Walker on the attack. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Why are republicans giving millions of jobs to foreign workers??? (milwaukee)

Sep 16 Scott "Humpty Dumpty" Walker falling and all the kings men... (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Walker is slipping in the polls and his followers are panicked (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 Funny guy accusing others of ripping off text when you are the one!!! (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 How can this be true? (Milwaukee) map

Sep 16 "ASS IN THE HOLE" pic

Sep 16 Scott Walker bragging about tax cuts while roads crumble (milwaukee) pic

Sep 16 latest C B S / AP poll....Walker slipping again (Wisconsin) map

Sep 16 Walker's new ad: "ASS IN THE HOLE" (OSHA CHECKING IF LEGAL) map

posted mon sep 15

Sep 15 Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's greatest Hits.... (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Join the Koch Brothers in buying Wisconsin legislatures (buyingWisconsin) pic map

Sep 15 Why I can no Longer Vote Republican (votedemocratic) map

Sep 15 Republican Grinch: Thought up a lie, thought it up quick (walkersindoodoo)

Sep 15 RE re be prepared

Sep 15 Cindy Archer ran secret internet gets gifted job (Walker is crooked)

Sep 15 FORK YOU (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Answer: If you are dumb as stated, keep voting republican as before (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Walker declares I Won, I Won. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 RE: Good news from The Dept of Education on Friday!!! (republicandonor) map

Sep 15 I'm a republican who thinks all minorities should go home. (milwaukee)

Sep 15 Walker attempting to change himself from sows ear into Silk Purse (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Republicans too inept and lazy so they steal text from others (milwaukee)

Sep 15 The National Debt grows fastest under republican Presidents (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Walker said he would be accountable for creating 250,000 new jobs (milwaukee)

Sep 15 Democrats can take back Wisconsin if THEY GET OUT AND VOTE (milwaukee)

Sep 15 Walker's History of illegal campaigning & lies dates back to college (milwaukee) map

Sep 15 Politifact Checks Walker and found he lies most of the time (milwaukee) map

Sep 15 Walker, Fitzgerald and Republicans THREATEN a female that was abused! (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Scott Walker raises nearly 70 percent of his money from out of state (TRUE) pic

Sep 15 The Truth behind Why Republicans are Desperate to Pass Voter ID laws (MinorityVotersIncreasing) pic

Sep 15 Be Prepared (DumbRepublican) pic

Sep 15 Re: The Truth? You can't handle the truth (republicanwhiners) pic



Sep 15 I support communism!!!! map

Sep 15 WOMEN: Please take note. Many republicans hate you for your sex (milwaukee)

Sep 15 Get the facts before voting in November. (milwaukee) pic

Sep 15 Ray Rice

Sep 15 Republicans can actually live with themselves?

Sep 15 RE:Even George W. Bush daughters are not republican

Sep 15 What republicans value most. Power and Money (milwaukee) pic

posted sun sep 14

Sep 14 How to become a conservative republican (LowIQHelps) pic

Sep 14 Even George W. Bush daughters are not republican (WaronWomen) pic

Sep 14 GOP War on Women: Women abandoning the party (milwaukee) pic

Sep 14 Walker Innocent just like Republican Gov. Robert McDonnell is innocent (milwaukee) pic

Sep 14 Republican politicians in their own words what they say about women (milwaukee) pic

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