The mess in Iraq is all due to Bush's blunders (milwaukee)

Bush couldn't find his ass if both hands were on it. He was the worst president since Nixon. Another republican. Bush went after Bin Laden and instead hit Saddam.

Those who fail to learn the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat it.

Bush never was a student of history. By him invading Iraq and taking out the military there and killing Saddam he destabilized the whole area, allowing in terrorists and creating a civil war.

Bush created the problem. Bush was stupid. His supporters are idiots. They trash Obama, but worship Bush, who created the problem.

Just like America involved itself in Vietnam eventually North Vietnam won and overran South Vietnam. America caused hundreds of thousands of deaths there and the war failed. Just like it's failing in Iraq because Bush intervened. His dad knew enough to stay out of Iraq. Bush junior is an idiot. And anyone who says different is a bigger idiot. I'd say that to their face.
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